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Airbrush (UV Free Tan)

Airbrush Specialist Jennifer

Airbrush Tanning services are available to achieve an even, more precise, natural look without the chances of streaking or blotching. Give your skin that beautiful dark tone in one visit without the UV rays. Please be advised you must give the tan 6 hour to develop without getting wet.

We also host a $15 day on the first Tuesday of every month.

$54.99 Automatic monthly payment from a Visa or Master Card for unlimited Airbrush Tan & any bed tanning. No Cancellation Fees. First and last months payment due at sign-up. $5 a month to put package on hold.

Airbrush Visits

1  Full Body Spray Tan Sessions & 4 min. in the stand up unit for drying ..........$39.99

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Airbrush Tanners must have a appointment. We advise you to set the appointment for 1 to 2 days before your event. On the day of you appointment you will need to show up with no products on your skin (no lotion, no make up). Please wear loose fitting clothing. Feel free to bring a bathing suit or undergarments to airbrush in (we are fine with you going nude, just please be respectful your sprayer is a women). After your airbrush you will dry for 2 min. and can choose to tan for 4 min. for better results. However, we do not promote tanning skin that is "type 1" fair. If you burn you will always burn and it is unhealthy for you to tan! You may see striking and blotching during your developing time (6 hr.). It is fine do not rub or touch it, when you take your shower it will even out and become wonderful! You can not get wet at all the 6 hr after your airbrush, unless you got our 2 hr. developer ($10 more).

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